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About us

BIOTOMED Research Institute of Innovation and Development is a scientific and research institute. The scope of the Institute’s activities
is related to biotechnology, health care and pharmaceutical industry.
The Institute employs more than 10 people, most of whom, are researchers.

Biotomed’s mission is:
– conducting innovative scientific research in biotechnology and developing and implementing new technologies
– building the Institute’s image and position in the scientific community

The Institute carries out this mission by:
– conducting research and development work
– implementing into production the innovative technologies under development
– service activities for foreign entities

The Institute cooperates with both domestic and foreign scientific units and other entities
from the pharmaceutical and medical industry.

Our team

Mikołaj Tomulewicz

CEO, Manager. Gained experience working in a German company for 20 years. A visionary, he has built biotech companies from the ground up creating innovative pharmaceutical products for wound healing and dietary supplements, among others. Passionate and popularizer of science. Interested in space. Enjoys good food and jazz.

Natalia Szymańska

M.Sc. in chemistry, a graduate of the University of Bialystok - the youngest member of the team. For several years she has been working in our laboratory, where she works on chromatographic techniques and works on formulations of wound healing accelerators and compositions of dietary supplements. Her passion is dancing. She loves good cooking and loves dogs.

Agnieszka Zakrzeska

medical doctor, physiologist, university teacher. For 20 years has been conducting scientific research. She gained experience working at the Medical University of Bialystok, the Medical College of Bialystok Bialystok and on scientific internships at, among others, Hamamtsu University School of Medicine (Japan). For several years, he has been working on creating agents accelerating wound healing and composition of dietary supplements. He enjoys book, cinema and jazz, and Men's Play. In her spare time, she cooks for friends.

Paweł Kitlas

M.Sc. in laboratory diagnostics graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy with the Division of Laboratory Medicine at the Medical University of Bialystok. He also completed a post-secondary course in Pharmaceutical Technician. For the past 15 years, he has been a research and teaching employee at the Medical University of Bialystok. Member of the Polish Society of Nutritional Sciences. In the process of preparing a doctoral dissertation related to neurodegenerative diseases, mainly Parkinson's disease. For several years she has been working on the effects of biologically active substances extracted from plants. She loves cycling, hiking and working in the garden.

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