Expert opinion

Dr. Krystyna Paprocka, neurologist

Is it worth it to support memory? Of course! What’s more, you need to start doing it as early as possible, not just in late adulthood. Recognizing, remembering and encoding – these are the three determinants of human memory. If we work on improving it from an early age improvement, then we will effectively delay the onset of senile dementia.
If our mind is not subjected to systematic effort, it will begin to refuse to
obedience. Regular training will keep it in good shape for a long time.
Throughout life one should broaden one’s horizons, increase knowledge. Salutary influence on our memory is also affected by physical and social activity. Not without significance is also a proper diet and properly selected dietary supplements. Reaction speed slows down as we age. It becomes more difficult to acquire new messages, consolidating and reproducing them. The brain is the most important and at the same time least understood organ. It needs to be taken care of in order to enjoy a good memory for as long as possible

BetulaForte dietary supplement is intended for people who, want to:

  • improve intellectual performance and concentration,
  • improve short- and long-term memory,
  • get rid of brain fog and improve perception,
  • stimulate brain activity.